RUEN ThaiMassage Treatments

A relaxing Swedish oil massage remains our most requested massage, followed by Thai traditional. We also have a range of more specialised treatments, plus our signature 3-in-1.

Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes with premium coconut oil deliver a relaxing, natural and healthy experience. A familiar, popular treatment and the perfect introduction to massage.

Traditional Thai Massage

A guided, engaging sequence of stretches and presses, adjusted to your individual needs. Delivers lasting gains in flexibility and posture. Skilled, interactive, beneficial.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Effectively reduces stiffness and soreness in the upper body. Advised by the NHS for non-specific back pain.

Sports (Deep Tissue) Massage

A deeper massage improves athletic performance. By speeding recovery after training, it permits a shorter interval between sessions. Train smarter with a regular sports massage.

Head Massage

A head massage is the ideal stress-buster, relieving tension in the mind, face, neck and shoulders.

Foot Massage

A foot massage – extending to the ankles and calves – revives tired feet, boosts circulation and relaxes the whole body.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth warmed stones are used as a massaging medium alongside coconut oil to induce deep, satisfying relaxation. Pure luxury.

2-in-1 Massage

Tailor your massage to your own needs by combining two treatments in a single session. Select from Swedish, Thai, back, sports, head and foot. Just choose the two that are right for you!

Four Hands Massage

Working in tandem, two therapists provide a relaxing Swedish massage. Hypnotic, mesmerising and luxurious.

3-in-1 Massage

Our premier treatment, combining Traditional Thai, Swedish and hot stones massage in a single top quality session. Tops for well-being.

Couples massage

A ‘couple’ just means two clients taking a massage at the same time in one of our multi-table rooms. Each person can choose their own treatment. Saves up to £10 on two massages taken separately.

Triples Swedish Massage. Other treatments also available

A ‘triple’ just means three clients taking a massage at the same time in our spacious, three-table room. Each person can choose their own treatment. Saves up to £15 on three massages taken separately.

Herbal Compress

Complete your authentic Thai experience with a refreshing application of warm, aromatic Thai herbal balls.

*Aromatherapy also available – please enquire.

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